Thursday, May 11, 2006

The secret letter written by the Iranian president to George Bush regarding the nuclear power crisis.

Because I'm worth it. And the monarchy isn't.

E.R. makes The Guardian newspaper.

A little piece of me is turning into Homer Simpson. That little piece is my mouth.

My new favourite badge.

E.R. featured The Sun newspaper.

New London tube map "confusing" to tourists.

Dogs welcome.

We have a winner. Two baby dolls drinking milk in a Victorian slot machine.

Con-fictionery: At home with Bertie Bassett.

Con-fictionery: Mrs Bassett, her baby, her cat, and three kittens.

Confictionary: A jelly baby riding a horse.

Welcome to Bolivia.

Nice omelette picture.

Skanky omelette picture.

Friday, April 07, 2006

I live in a magic garden my mum made on a dinner tray in her front room on Christmas Day. Nurse!

Fairies found at Highbury, apparently.

Scary me. Blog 101.

The happy family. And tiny knitted sheep.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Broken ashtray.

Happy Morrissey Setlist.

Listening to Hurt by Johnny Cash. At 9am.

Prince Charles' Secret Chinese Journal. "Apparently".

The house of Jeffrey Archer.

E.R. goes wireless. After 5 fucking hours.

Fake Guantanamo Bay letter. Spelt wrong. Dead giveaway.

Police hand over the cash found after £53 million is stolen.

Yoghurt. Why is it always yoghurt?

The French begin to vaccinate against bird flu. On our kitchen table.

An egg prepares for bird flu.


Christmas 2005. Kids nicked off t'internet. Sorry, didn't have any real ones handy.